ELT development automation with a focus on Oracle Data Integrator


Creating or modifying large numbers of Oracle Data Integrator objects like mappings and datastores can be a tedious, time consuming and error prone work. For large Data Integration projects, there is no other choice than using an automation tool.

Oracle Data Integrator mappings can be very complex. When building a dedicated generator often the most complex aspect dwells in finding a proper way to represent the data needed by the generator to create the target objects. Too much or too complex data will prevent the generator from being usable and, ultimately, from reaching its purpose.


ODI Generator can help you to easily create and modify a large number of Oracle Data Integrator objects in a simple and intuitive way with very few configuration data necessary. ODI Generator can achieve this by using a familiar, SQL-like language for representing ODI artifacts like mappings, datastores, and packages. The statements used to generate ODI artifacts can be entered directly by the ETL developer or derived from schema and source to target mapping information. 

The tool is compatible with Oracle Data Integrator 12c and can generate flow mappings with support for most of the component types available in ODI mapping designer including dataset, split, set and subquery filter. 

While was created for Oracle Data Integrator, the tool can be used, as code generator, to create other types of artifacts. It was successfully used in non-ODI data warehousing projects to automate the creation of artifacts like Oozie workflows and PL/SQL packages.    

ELT Automation

Accelerate and automate your data transformations. Generate your ETL artifacts using a metadata-driven tool.

ODI Generator

Metadata-driven, template-based ODI artifacts generator. Creates ODI 12c flow mappings (ODI 11g dataset-based style also supported).

ODI Training

More than standard ODI course. My ODI 12c course is a result of more than 10 years of experience using Oracle Data Integrator.